Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trump: “I do think a lot of the polls are purposefully wrong”

At Hot Air by ALLAPUNDIT  -- 

Skip to 1:35 below for the key bit. I’d be curious to hear him, or the “Fox & Friends” crew, really, explain why they think the polls weren’t wrong in the primaries. If pollsters are lying now to try to depress Trump’s turnout, even at the risk of destroying their own credibility when the election results end up not looking anything like their data, why wouldn’t they have tried to take him out back in March the same way? There is a theory that could explain that, but it’s not one you’re likely to hear from Trump or his sycophants.

The polls are not “purposefully wrong.” They may end up being wrong because they underestimated white working-class turnout for Trump or they may end up being wrong by pure chance, because that’s what happens sometimes when a race is within three points or so. They may even end up being wrong for the reason Steve Doocy suggests in the clip, that there’s a meaningful crossover vote among Democrats for Trump — although, if you’re searching for “hidden Trump voters,” you need to allow that there are also hidden Hillary voters floating around, especially among Republican women. There are maybe eight different somewhat plausible ways he could have explained a poll miss here, but of course he went with the one that’s the least plausible and the most conspiratorial. Gotta stick with what you know, I guess.


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