Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump letting Hillary off the hook his biggest mistake yet

At NYPOST by Micheal Goodwin  -- 

At first blush, Donald Trump’s decision to swear off criminal investigations of Hillary Clinton didn’t look like a good idea.

At second blush, it looks like a terrible idea.

The decision, dribbled out in a TV report and then confirmed by aide Kellyanne Conway, is too momentous to come in bits and pieces and from anyone other than Trump directly. He made the pledge at a debate to appoint a special prosecutor, and it smacks of Washington-as-usual for the reversal to slither out the back door.


The decision, if that’s what it is, and the ham-handed way it is being communicated, marks his first big blunder as president-elect. Discussing the topic first with the Times, which trashed its standards to demonize Trump and his supporters, compounds the error.

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