Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trump Threat in Reno – More than Meets the Eye?

CFP by Doug Hagaman

While speaking at a campaign event in Reno, Nevada at approximately 6:30 PM PT, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump was rushed offstage by members of the United States Secret Service due to a perceived threat near the front of the stage. However, a more extensive review of other footage available shows a bit more than is being reported.

While all eyes were on the front of the stage, trouble appeared to begin about 30 seconds earlier by at least one person at the rear of the crowd, not readily visible to those tuned in to the live streaming. Almost immediately, police and security from the rear of the room began making their way to the disturbance several rows in from the rear of the crowd.

Just then, Donald Trump appeared to stop his speech and shielded his eyes from the lights, looking toward the crowd. Although it cannot be verified, it appeared that Mr. Trump was looking at the initial altercation and not at the events unfolding nearest the stage.

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