Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Bergdahl pardon would be Obama’s final betrayal of the military

At NYPOST by Ralph Peters -- 

Will President Obama betray our military one last time by pardoning Bowe Bergdahl?

He’s already imposed rules of engagement that protect our enemies, kill our soldiers and deny us victory. He’s targeted the US Armed Forces for social engineering, undermining combat effectiveness. He dishonored our dead by throwing away our hard-won success in Iraq. And he so emasculated our military that the world saw crying US sailors captive to Iran, disgracing the traditions of our fighting Navy.

The only occasions when Obama embraced our troops came when he could pose for the cameras pinning medals on far better men. His administration has shown more understanding for imprisoned traitor Private Bradley Manning’s desire for a sex-change operation than for gravely wounded veterans struggling for health care.

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