Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ann Coulter is readying herself for a Trump betrayal on immigration…

At Right Scoop by Sooper Mexican  --

Trump Twitter world is cracking up tonight because of what Mike Pence is saying about the Donald figuring out his immigration policy.

Here’s the context of the comments:

PELLEY: But he made these promises. And now, he’s reversed himself. And I wonder, what does that tell us about Donald Trump?

PENCE: Well, I think, I think what it tells you about Donald Trump, in both cases, that he’s always going to tell the American people where he stands. And, make no mistake about it. There’s… there’s been no change in the policy about ending illegal immigration in this country.

PELLEY: The speaker of the House told us today that, when it comes to deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, it’s not going to happen, and he won’t fund it.

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