Saturday, December 3, 2016

GOP Leaders Trying to Block Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies, Say Reformers

ATBreitbart by Neil Munro

Some immigration reform advocates say GOP leadership is working to block President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-American immigration reforms by building its own wall of do-little legislation and do-nothing rhetoric.
The GOP leadership is pushing a “phony enforcement posture,” says Dan Stein, director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. But, he added, “the public has shown it will not be fooled by head-fakes and symbolic gestures.”

Trump already has the legal authority to accomplish most of what he promised, so “Congress should be focusing on [funding Trump’s promises], on reforming the H-1B [guest worker] program to better protect American workers, passing [mandatory] E-Verify [legislation] to prevent illegal immigrants from getting jobs … [and] to reduce the overwhelming legal immigration numbers that bring in millions of new foreign workers,”said Chris Chmielenski, at NumbersUSA, an immigration reform group.

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