Thursday, December 15, 2016

Foul Mouthed Journalist Uses Fake News Story to Attack Ivanka Trump and President-elect…

At Conservative Treehouse by sundance  -- 

U.S. Media outlets wonder why the average American is indifferent to their pearl-clutching anxiety over lost credibility.  With that in mind, perhaps this example is apropos on many levels. There’s a few layers to this story.

The “reporter/journalist” is Julia Ioffe.  A now fired writer for Politico, a frequent CNN guest and contributor, and a journalist recently hired by the Atlantic.

Yeah, suffice to say this representative exhibition of modern journalism does little to advance the cause of professional credibility.  However, the layers of irony only begin with the vulgarity.

The actual point of Ioffe’s contention, as described within The Hill link as the basis for her point of reference, is a report from Sara Murray of CNN claiming Ivanka Trump was moving into a White House office traditionally used by the First Lady.


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