Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goldman Sachs' No. 2 Gary Cohn is Trump's top economic adviser



Donald Trump, who ran as an outsider and vilified Goldman Sachs during the campaign, is adding another veteran of the powerful Wall Street firm to his administration.

Trump said Monday he will appoint Gary Cohn, second-in-command at Goldman Sachs (GS), as director of the influential National Economic Council.

The leader of the NEC acts as the president's quarterback on the economy, coordinating policymaking between various agencies and programs to ensure it's in line with the administration's goals. The NEC chief works inside the White House and helps frame the debate on the biggest economic issues.

Trump, in a statement, said Cohn will "design and coordinate" his administration's economic policy, working closely with the Treasury and Commerce departments. The post does not require Senate approval.

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