Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Krugman Says Trump Admin Only Hires “White Nationalist Conspiracy” Theorists


At Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Paul Krugman is still on a crazed twitter rampage, revealing his obsessive and strange mind. The Trump administration only hires “white nationalist conspiracy theorists,” he wrote in a tweet.

The article rails against Trumponomics, including his infrastructure plan. Krugman loved the last one but not this one. He thinks it’s a privatization scheme.

Krugman wrote, “And in any case what we know about that supposed infrastructure push is that it looks much more like a privatization scheme than an actual plan to boost public investment.”
The man who loves to spend money is suddenly very worried about tax cuts along with the infrastructure spending increasing the federal debt balances.

“So what we’re really looking at is a combination of tax cuts and spending cuts,” he wrote. “Overall, this will surely increase budget deficits. But the tax cuts will go to the wealthy, who won’t spend much of their windfall, while the spending cuts will fall on the poor and struggling workers, who will be forced into sharp cutbacks in spending. The overall effect on demand is therefore likely to be negative, not positive.”


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