Thursday, December 22, 2016

Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History…

At Conservative Treehouse by sundance  -- 

There’s a visible twisting of history taking place that’s increasingly obvious within the last few days.  Against all intellectual honesty, an entirely different version of historical reality is being seeded by the media.  Here’s the basic outline:

In general terms it goes like this – Vladimir Putin, the global villain and Machiavellian nemesis of freedom, wanted to undermine NATO and find a way to take control of the world, starting with Europe.  As such he schemed to seed the origin of ISIS in Syria so that he could begin killing them and driving a mass exodus of Syrian Muslims into Europe.  According to the conspiracy, Putin knew if he forced enough Muslims into the EU it would disrupt society and create the chaos he needs to undermine NATO.   That’s the current version of the Media story.

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