Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Methodist Churches Converting to “Virtual Mosques” For Muslim Migrants

At Prison Planet by Kit Daniels  -- 

The UMC, which has been criticized for perceived liberal drift in its theology, is preparing its congregations for Catholic-style “sanctuary” protections for migrants, including those with terrorist ties, according to an insider.

This sanctuary church program is ostensibly in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s intention to defund sanctuary cities.

One member of the Bosqueville United Methodist Church, who spoke anonymously out of fear, said he learned about the “virtual mosque” program after an interim pastor began preaching Sufi Islamic parables in an attempt to “tenderize” the church to accept Islamification, according to the Geller Report.

In addition, the small church apparently installed a state-of-the-art surveillance system which can’t be accessed on-site.
Bosqueville United Methodist Church couldn’t be reached for comment at the of this writing, but interestingly, its web site was taken down “due to fraud and other unethical actions by some members.”
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