Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trump’s pastor pal wants to be a ‘black advocate on the right’

At NYPOST by  Doree Lewak  --

Move over, Al Sharpton. There’s a new — more conservative — reverend on the political scene.
“We don’t have a black advocate on the right,” said Dr. Darrell Scott, the Cleveland pastor who is a member of Donald Trump’s transition team. “Think about it: Jesse Jackson — he’s a dinosaur now. Al Sharpton — he’s all the way left. All the black activism and all the black advocacy is on the left.
“But I’ve got the [next] president’s ear now.”

Scott, 58, was among the clutch of prominent black figures, including NFL legends Ray Lewis and Jim Brown, “Apprentice” Season 1 contestant Omarosa Manigault, and Kanye West, who met with Trump in Manhattan on Tuesday.

On the agenda: “Black people, black stuff,” said Scott, who sits on Trump’s National Diversity Coalition.

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