Friday, December 30, 2016

Now’s the time to rein in a failed United Nations


At NYPOST by Rich Lowry  -- 

We’ve come a long way from Daniel Patrick Moynihan excoriating the United Nations’ 1975 “Zionism is racism” resolution in one of the finer exhibits of righteous indignation in the history of American speechifying.

The Obama administration acceded to — and, reportedly, assisted behind the scenes — a less-notorious but still noxious Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements. By the administration’s lights, the action is clever — it will be extremely difficult to reverse and will increase Israel’s international isolation.

But the bipartisan outrage over a resolution that, once again, demonstrates the United Nations’ hostility to our closet ally in the Middle East affords an opportunity to force an overdue crisis in the US-UN relationship.

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