Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Obama Vows To Use Retirement To Become "Recruiting Scout" For Young Democratic Talent

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Much time and effort have been spent speculating over what Barack and Michelle will do in retirement.  A few weeks ago, we noted one theory that Obama was plotting the launch of his very own "fake news" media empire (see "Obama TV: Is Obama Planning A "Fake News" Outlet Of His Own?").  Despite ruling it out several times, many have also wondered whether Michelle will follow in Hillary's footsteps and run for public office.  Or, perhaps they will just take the easy way out and start a "charity" that they use as front to personally enrich themselves with massive donations from Wall Street and controversial foreign dictators.
While you can never rule any of the options above out, President Obama told NPR that he'll spend his time in retirement trying to "rehabilitate" the Democratic Party by becoming a "recruiting scout" for young talent. 
President Obama sees a role for himself in rebuilding the Democratic Party after he leaves office — coach.

"What I am interested in is just developing a whole new generation of talent," Obama told NPR's Steve Inskeep in an interview on Morning Edition.

"There are such incredible young people who not only worked on my campaign, but I've seen in advocacy groups," Obama said. "I've seen passionate about issues like climate change, or conservation, criminal justice reform. You know, campaigns to — for a livable wage, or health insurance. And making sure that whatever resources, credibility, spotlight that I can bring to help them rise up. That's something that I think I can do well, I think Michelle can do well."
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