Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pathetic! GOP REFUSES to back Jim Jordan’s measure to IMPEACH IRS Commish Koskinen!!

From Right Scoop by Super Mexican  -- 

The Republican establishment is waving their spinelessness in our faces again as Rep. Jim Jordan attempted to pass a measure to impeach the IRS Commissioner Koskinen for presiding over the IRS targeting scandal.

Excuse my Spanish but why the héll do we vote for Republicans if they’re not going to go after the clearly corrupt democrats who are abusing their power to screw us over?! This is just pathetic. And it looks like they don’t even want to give an account for why they’re doing this, they just want to sweep it under the rug. Unbelievable.

AND I don’t see any Trump dimwits yelling “drain the swamp” on this – where they hell are they? Do they only target conservatives like Ted Cruz when he displeases their emperor?
Check out our previous posts on Koskinen to see why I’m so angry.

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