Friday, December 9, 2016

People Who Can’t Stop Him Say Trump Has No Mandate

At The Resurgent by Erick Erickson  -- 

About two weeks before the election I tweeted that if Clinton got elected the GOP could say she had no real mandate because she was hugely unpopular and would only have won because of Donald Trump. The left was positively incensed that I would dare say the first woman President would have no mandate.

Now that Donald Trump has won, the left insists that Trump has no mandate. Their argument is that Hillary Clinton has a 2.6 million vote lead while ignoring that she has it because 4.2 million more people in California voted for her than Trump.

They also try to discredit the Electoral College as irrelevant to the issue of mandate because, as liberal writer Robert Schlesinger notes, the constitution begins with “we the people,” not “we the states.”
“Trump is a glitch president, not a mandate president,” Schlesinger writes. I suppose that would be true if Trump won in a way the system did not contemplate but Schlesinger’s glitch is the Electoral College working as designed.

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