Friday, December 23, 2016

The biggest danger for Trump is being captured by the GOP


At New York Post by Rich Lowry  -- 

Donald Trump was supposed to take over the Republican Party, but the question going forward will be whether the Republican Party takes over him.

So far, the early legislative agenda of Republicans after the Trump revolution is shaping up to be exactly what you would’ve expected prior to the Trump revolution. It’s a cookie-cutter GOP program that any Republican who ran for president in the past 40 years would feel comfortable signing, with its prospective centerpiece another round of across-the-board tax cuts.

It’s not that Trump didn’t campaign on all of this over the past year. His candidacy combined utterly conventional Republican positions with a few signature policy heterodoxies and a flame-throwing populist message. If it’s comforting that he doesn’t seem intent on going to war with his own party in Washington, the opposite risk is that he loses some of his political distinctiveness in the grinding legislative wars to come.

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Shaw Rich Lowry still doent get it. Donald Trump will go to war with his party.

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