Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The booming Dow is a sign of how Trump can silence critics

At NYPOST by Charles Gasparino  -- 

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and the left is already trying to deny him the presidency.
This week’s attempt to convince the Electoral College ballot-casters to switch their votes to someone other than Trump to deny him 270 electoral votes failed. So some are moving on to the next brilliant ploy: laying the groundwork to eventually attempt to impeach him over his business ties (just search the word “emolument” and you’ll know what I mean).

But Trump has a very strong weapon to quash these efforts: It’s the economy, stupid. He may know that phrase comes from the campaign of his old buddy Bill Clinton, but he should check in with the ex-prez on how to use it for long-term political survival.

Clinton and Trump have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. Once friends, they became bitter foes during an election in which Trump defeated Bill’s wife Hillary. But Clinton is someone Trump would do well to emulate as the leftist opposition to his presidency mounts — because Clinton created the recipe for modern presidential survival amid scandal.

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