Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Clintons have done enough damage: Steven Strauss

At USA TODAY by Stephen Strauss  -- 

President Obama famously said a key element of his strategy is: "Don't do stupid s---." Hillary Clinton was unable to learn this simple lesson, despite losing to Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary (and serving in Obama’s Cabinet for four years thereafter). The Clintons, of all people, should have been aware of the challenges of a presidential campaign — yet, they still did an amazing number of stupid things.

Hillary Clinton and her allies have blamed her election loss on the investigation of her private email server — especially FBI Director James Comey’s letter telling Congress he was revisiting that investigation just days before the election. The unprecedented decision to put all of Clinton's emails on a private server, however, was made by her and her team. It should have been obvious to anyone that a secretary of State hosting her own email server, without even bothering to get approval from the State Department, in her own house, was going to seem odd and trigger questions.


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