Friday, December 9, 2016

This may be the left’s BIGGEST FEAR about Trump’s cabinet…  -- 

It appears everything President-elect Donald Trump does will draw the scrutiny and ire of the liberal progressive media.

Most recently, it seems the left is horrified with the notion that three former U.S generals have been nominated for cabinet-level positions in the Trump administration. The most recent selection was former U.S. Marine General and Commander of USSOUTHCOM, John Kelly as the Secretary of Homeland Security.

There are leftist media outlets troubled by these three generals — General James Mattis, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and now General Kelly. Now, ask yourselves, when was the last time anyone complained about too many lawyers in cabinet positions, or too many politicians? Perhaps the left is scared of these principled, dedicated men who’ve served their nation in uniform. Maybe, just maybe, the Democrats are terrified these men won’t take their crap during confirmation hearings or elsewhere.


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