Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump Must Stop the Boeing Deal with Iran--Planes can be used for military purposes

At FrontPage Mag by Joseph Klein  -- 

President-elect Trump threatened to cancel an order for Boeing to build a new Air Force One because the projected costs, he said, are “out of control.” While Mr. Trump’s efforts to protect American taxpayers’ money are laudable, there is a far more urgent matter involving Boeing that demands his attention. Immediately upon taking office, he should stop Boeing in its tracks from following through with the deal it just announced to sell Iran’s national carrier, Iran Air, 80 technologically advanced jets. As a commentator put it in an article appearing in The Hill, Boeing is preparing to accept “blood money.” President-elect Trump should stop the deal on his first day in office by rescinding the license granted by the Obama Treasury Department, which gave the green light for the sale to proceed in the first place.

The Obama Treasury Department also approved a license allowing for the sale of Airbus aircrafts, which include parts made in the United States, to Iran Air.  Mr. Trump should rescind that license as well.  Both licenses were foolishly granted as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to placate the thuggish Iranian regime and preserve the fundamentally flawed nuclear agreement that President Obama considers his major foreign policy legacy. If it too late for Mr. Trump to undo this entire fiasco because he won’t be able to get our allies to go along with renewed sanctions, he can at least mitigate the damage by preventing the Iranian regime from getting its hands on advanced U.S. aircraft, component parts and technologies.

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