Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trump Proves All Politicians Have A Price

At Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden  -- 

Submitted by James E. Miller,

With precious few weeks before Donald Trump takes the oath of office and officially becomes President of the United States (and, if you listen to the fraidy-cat Left, ushers in the eschaton), the taste of victory keeps getting sweeter.

First, there was the Carrier deal which saved hundreds of U.S jobs from being outsourced to Mexico. Then there was Trump’s twitter-shaming of Boeing over the bloated cost of the new Air Force Once, after which the airline giant conceded to the Donald’s demands and cut costs. And, of course, there was the cultural triumph of everyday Americans being able to say “Merry Christmas!” once again with joyful abandon.

Trump was right: All this winning sure gets tiresome.

The victory campaign wages on, and the latest win is quickly becoming my personal favorite. Trump posse browbeats Hill Republicans,” ran the headline in Politico. The inevitable feud between the most conservative members of the House of Republicans and the President-elect has already begun.


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