Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump vows to roll back energy industry regs

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 William La Jeunesse,

America’s energy policy is about to change – big league.
Unlike President Obama – who prioritized energy regulations and handouts as part of an incentive system to curb global warming – President-elect Donald Trump says he will focus instead on making America energy independent.
How significantly U.S. energy policies will change remains to be seen. But several campaign promises provide a roadmap:
  • Trump has said he will roll back regulations that damage the coal industry. That could mean ignoring Obama’s carefully negotiated Paris climate accord and tearing up his controversial Clean Power Plan, both of which dramatically restrict U.S. carbon emissions.
  • Trump stated the U.S. has enough oil to last 285 years. It is “there for the taking,” he said. That could mean opening up areas currently off limits to offshore oil drilling, including the Pacific, Atlantic and parts of Alaska. 
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