Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trump's White House press shop intends to change status quo

At The Hill by  Ben Kamizar  --

The communications team announced by President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday shows that the status quo is shifting in the White House press shop as well as in other corners of the incoming administration

The structure of the team is changing from past administrations in order to address the needs of the first Twitter president.

While previous White House communications staffs have been hierarchical, Trump’s four key appointees will each be an "Assistant to the President,” as well as having more specific job titles. 

The four have had months of experience together on the campaign, with Spicer and Miller coordinating the daily transition calls since the election. On the surface at least, the aides are positioned to work well together in the White House. 

At the same time, the parallel roles could create rival centers of power, something Trump observers say has been a hallmark of Trump Inc.

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