Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why Trump shouldn’t put all his faith in the dysfunctional CIA


At NYPOST by  Micheal Walsh  --

One of the strongest criticisms leveled against President-elect Donald Trump is his alleged indifference to the work of America’s intelligence community, including his disinclination to receive daily intel briefings as he prepares to take office.

But it’s off the mark. The top-secret Presidential Daily Briefing — designed and prepared for President Obama by his appointees — is being delivered via iPad as a courtesy to Trump during the transition, and he’s free to read or not: “I get it when I need it,” Trump told Fox News. Never mind that Trump’s not actually president yet, or that Obama treats his briefing exactly the same way.

And given the intelligence establishment’s sorry recent history, who can blame Trump?

Under such undistinguished chiefs as careerists Mike Morell (2011-2013) and current Director John Brennan, the CIA has become a partisan, politicized agency that exists primarily to tell Obama what he wants to hear — which is to hear and see no evil from the Muslim world.

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