Friday, December 30, 2016

Why US Voters keep Giving Elites the Boot

At NYTIMES by Selina Zito  -- 

the wake of Donald Trump’s election, news organizations — caught with their finger distinctly off the pulse of America — are promising to do better. But however well-intentioned, they’re still often missing the point.

Take The New York Times’ public editor’s laudable call for more diversity in the newsroom. “The executive editor, Dean Baquet, is African-American,” Liz Spayd wrote. “The other editors on his masthead are white. The staff with the most diversity? The news assistants, who mostly do administrative jobs and get paid the least.”

The Times, Spayd said, “can be relentless in questioning the diversity at other institutions . . . Fixing its own problems comes less easily.”

But in fact one of the key lessons of Trump’s victory is that newsrooms don’t just have a lack of racial diversity in their reporting pool; they also have a lack of cultural diversity. They need more people who come from a blue-collar background, who perhaps didn’t go to Brown and can be found in a pew on Sunday on a fairly regular basis.

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