Sunday, December 11, 2016

With Ellison inside the Nation of Islam


At Powerline by Scott Johnson  --

Working from public documents and my own interviews in 2006, I constructed a picture of Keith Ellison as a serious long-time advocate of the Nation of Islam. This is the picture I drew of Ellison in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman” and in the companion Power Line post “Keith Ellison for dummies” just before his election to Congress in 2006. Ellison’s past and his continuing deceptions about it have emerged anew as open issues in connection with his current bid to lead the Democratic Party.

Following Ellison, the Star Tribune portrayed Ellison’s involvement with the Nation of Islam as limited in time and extent. Explicating his May 2006 letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council, Ellison told the Star Tribune’s Rochelle Olson that he took up with the Nation of Islam for some 18 months around the time of the Million Man March in 1995. Olson occasionally regurgitated Ellison’s 18-month line as a fact and the Star Tribune’s Allison Sherry now cheerleads for Ellison in the same blinkered and misleading fashion.

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