Saturday, January 7, 2017

Der Spiegel: Has political correctness backfired in America?

At Hot Air by Ed Morrissey  -- 

If you guess that the answer is yes, you’ve been paying attention — and so has German magazine Der Spiegel. Essayist Phillip Oehmke tries to offer a limited and historical defense for political correctness, but ends up condemning it for its descent into “hypersensitivity, feel-good oases or censorship” in the American experience. For those looking to explain Donald Trump’s surprising victory, they may want to start here:
Now, two months after the election, those looking for clues as to how Trump’s victory became possible quickly arrive at the refusal of many Trump detractors — including members of Hillary Clinton’s own campaign team — to confront the uncomfortable fact that there are legions of Trump fans all across the country. It’s almost as if, in the face of Trump, liberal America collectively retreated to a “safe space.” And when they finally resurfaced after the election, Trump had won.
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