Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DNC, Dems continue campaign with War Room on Trump

At The Hill by BenKamisar -- 

It’s been nearly three months since Election Day. But as far as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is concerned, the campaign against President Trump is far from over.

While the party hashes out who will be its next leader, a group of two dozen operatives has assembled a party “war room” singularly focused on taking on Trump.

Zac Petkanas, the former Hillary Clinton campaign rapid response director who leads the project, told The Hill before Trump’s inauguration that he plans to wage a “constant campaign” to keep up the pressure during the early days of Trump’s administration. 

“That’s what it is going to take — a campaign mindset, a campaign effort, campaign operatives who are looking at this administration the same way they would be as if they were still running against him,” he said.
“That is the mindset that is required right now … to be able to break through in a meaningful way.”

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