Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ex CIA Dir -- Leon Panetta Surfaces – Sweating Bullets and With a Frog In His Throat…

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No-one amid all current tentacles and story lines is at a higher risk from a President-Elect Donald Trump full public vetting of the intelligence community than former Obama CIA Director Leon Panetta.

When President Obama signed the original 2011 ‘finding memo’ authorizing covert CIA action in Libya it was Leon Panetta who carried it out.  Both the Libyan intervention and the initial Syrian intervention were joint White House regime change operations began during Hillary Clinton’s tenure.  Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton were both carrying out Obama’s policy.

However, once things collapsed in Libya, and Chris Stephens was killed, Leon Panetta did not carry the same escape cards afforded to Clinton and the White House.  Panetta’s ability to escape unscathed was always further down the list of protected personages.

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