Thursday, January 19, 2017

FBI Releases 500 More Pages of Clinton Foundation Investigation Documents

At Weekly Standard by Jeryl Bier  -- 

A file consisting of over 500 pages of heavily reacted documents was posted to the FBI's Freedom of Information Act website Wednesday. The subject of many of the documents is a mystery due to the redaction, but the investigation into Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich and a 2006 incident involving "white powder" mailed to the Foundation are at least two of the items discussed. A number of grand jury subpoenas are included as well. The documents range in date from 2001 to 2009.

One document released, dated November 18, 2004, is an "acknowledgement of exceptional work performance" by a special agent (name redacted) who was involved in the Marc Rich investigation. The letter noted that ""despite the likely declination of prosecution in this sensitive investigation," the White Collar Crime Squad wished to comment the unnamed special agent for his work during the pardon investigation.

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