Saturday, January 7, 2017

Intel experts worry Trump will go 'Rogue'

At The Hill by KBWilliams  -- 

President-elect Donald Trump’s skepticism of the Intelligence Community’s findings on Russian election interference has raised fears among experts that Trump will bypass intel analysts and demand that his personal team conduct its own analyses of raw data. 

Tossing aside career analysts can create false conclusions, critics warn — like the George W. Bush administration’s incorrect assessment that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). 
“The risk is that you request raw data to support a conclusion and you avoid seeing anything that contradicts it,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, told The Hill.
 “We can already see we have a president-elect who has difficulty with facts that are at odds with the narrative that he wants to tell or diminish his achievements.”

Let's hope President Trump does bring in his own Intel group. The intel group that has been 
in charge for the last eight years has been wrong on every decision and opinion they have made,
from overthrowing governments to the threat of ISIS

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