Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Leaving the WH Press Space as Is Could Benefit Trump

At RealClear Politics by Alexis Simendinger   -- 

Every four or eight years in Washington, incoming White House staff members brandish ideas they see as fresh and unique to a new president, only to discover the told-you-so downsides later on.
Such may be the case with President-elect Donald Trump’s interest, confirmed by his incoming senior White House staff, to rethink a work area used for decades by journalists at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The urge to purge reporters from the West Wing seemed so in keeping with the businessman’s M.O., even during his campaign, that few in the Fourth Estate were surprised when an anonymous transition source told Esquire that in the West Wing, the press corps will be perceived as “the opposition party.”

Plenty of presidents before Trump have voiced contempt for the news media, chafed at what they saw as bias, and devised end runs around media scrutiny. But many also exploited the benefits of having reporters under foot.
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