Saturday, January 21, 2017

Michael Reagan: Trump's fighting words rattle Washington


At The Hill by Micheal Reagan  --

Who did you expect?

Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg? Barack Obama, the sequel? Mister Rogers?

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address wasn’t great oratory. It wasn’t packed with grand phrases about freedom, equality, and hope. It contained not a whiff of humility or introspection.
But it was pure Donald Trump—and didn’t surprise me a bit.

Our new president came out of his corner swinging—and he was still wearing his “Make America Great Again” fighting trunks.

Throwing sharp left jabs and right hooks, playing to the millions of voters from Flyover Country who elected him, he spared no one in his bipartisan assault on the enemies of American greatness.

His first fighting words as Commander-in-Chief were aimed at everyone connected with the fat and happy Washington establishment.

The feelings of his fellow Republicans were not spared—especially the ones in Congress who’ve spent the last 20 years imitating liberal Democrats.

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