Saturday, January 7, 2017

Obama built his Legacy on Sand

At NYPOST by Michael Barone  -- 

President Obama went up to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to counsel congressional Democrats on how to save ObamaCare. Or at least that’s how his visit was billed.

But to judge from the responses of some of the Democrats, his advice was typical of the approach he’s taken to legislation in his eight years as president — which is to say disengaged, above the fray, detached from any detailed discussion of how legislation actually works.

He was “very nostalgic,” said Louise Slaughter, a veteran of 30 years in the House and the ranking Democrat on the House Rules Committee. But, she added, he left it up to Hill Democrats to come up with a strategy to protect ObamaCare.

This is in line with the standoffish relations Obama has had with members of Congress, even with Democrats who are inclined to be and are capable of being helpful.

Nor has he ever seemed interested in the content of laws, even his trademark health-care legislation. His February 2010 decision to move forward on ObamaCare despite the election of Republican Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts meant accepting a bill with multiple flaws, many of them glaringly visible after passage.

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