Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pro-Trump TV Network Has Big-League Dreams--it’s coming to D.C., and it’s got the president’s ear.

At Politico by Alfred Miller  --  

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump frequently pointed to the press corps covering his rallies and implored them to pan the audience to show the size of the crowds he was drawing. When the cameras remained fixed on him, Trump labeled the news media “dishonest.”

One camera, however, dutifully began to pan the audience. The clunky, black Panasonic PS2 belonging to Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), a year-old conservative media startup based in Alabama, made a habit of filming the teeming crowds at Trump rallies and developed a cult following in the process, with Trump supporters regularly holding up makeshift “I love RSBN” signs and seeking out the RSBN cameramen to wave. “The way to tell an RSBN camera is it moves,” says the company’s founder and CEO Joe Seales. “The rest of them stay straight.”

Starting last March, RSBN sent cameramen to film every Trump rally around the country


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