Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Report: Trump down to Three Finalists in Supreme Court search

At Hot Air by Allahpundit

We knew about William Pryor and we knew about Neil Gorsuch — and we thought we knew about Diane Sykes, who just wrote a big Second Amendment decision for the Seventh Circuit and who comes from a state (Wisconsin) that Trump would very much like to hold in 2020. The surprise in this Politico piece is that Sykes isn’t the third finalist. It’s Tom Hardiman, a federal judge from the Third Circuit whose profile looks a lot like Gorsuch’s. He’s young (just 51), he comes from a purple state (Pennsylvania), and he spent his career before becoming a judge in private practice, which meant he had virtually no paper trail when he was confirmed as a federal district judge via voice vote in the Senate in 2003. (Gorsuch spent a year at the DOJ before being elevated to the federal bench.)

Four years later, Hardiman was made an appellate judge by a Senate vote of 95-0. Like Gorsuch, he shouldn’t face the same degree of fire in confirmation that Pryor would. But then, neither should Sykes. So why Hardiman over her?

Here’s SCOTUSblog’s long profile of Hardiman’s Third Circuit opinions, which covers enough of a range of topics to leave you with no distinct impression of him apart from a general conservative bent.

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