Thursday, January 19, 2017

Somber WaPo writer discovers the main problem with newspapers is the readers (a rant)

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With the dawn of a new administration, some in the media clearly seem to be struggling with precisely went so wrong last November. A bit of a postmortem is always in order after such a jarring event and that’s clearly going on at the Washington Post these days. In a piece which carries the hopeful title of, A free press is for all of us now, WaPo editorial writer Jonathan Capehart explores the ever changing media landscape and how the trust of the public in the Fourth Estate has eroded so badly.

He cites a recent conference in Morocco where journalists are called upon to answer for their sins and approvingly cites the comments made there by New York Times writer Steven Erlanger, among others. Erlanger was an odd choice to focus on, particularly when you consider he’s gotten in some trouble before for plagiarizing the work of others, but he actually makes a salable case for how newspapers choose the stories they focus on.

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