Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Soros-Funded Media Launch Web Site for “Documenting Hate” Using Public Data Base


George Soros, former Nazi collaborator, has been at war against America and the forces of good for decades. Speaking of his days as a Nazi collaborator confiscating the property of Jews, he said, “they were the happiest days of my life.”

Now he is using the hard-Left hate group Southern Poverty Law Center to step up his defamation and demonization of lovers of freedom. Not only is the SPLC leading this initiative; it is also leading a Coalition Against Hate.” For years, Muslim activists have faked hate crimes to claim victimhood status and get the perks that come with it. We saw leftist groups do the same thing to try to discredit Trump right after the election. Now, because of this initiative, we will see much more of that.


The website “is intended to be the go-to resource for reporters, federal and state agencies, and civil society actors who want to learn about trends and pursue ways to address the problem,

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