Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tech's power shifts as Obama fades to Trump

At The Hill

Silicon Valley’s influence and power in Washington has grown in the Obama years.
The question is whether that growth will be curtailed with Donald Trump’s election.
Internet companies have stormed onto D.C.’s lobbying scene, opening up in-house shops and hiring established lobbyists to gain influence.

Google, Amazon and Facebook increased their spending on Washington lobbyists over the last eight years and are closing the gap overall with the telecommunications industry, an older power in the capital.

Comcast, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and Cellular Telecom and Internet Association, the top three telecom spenders, spent $3 million more in the first three quarters of 2016 than Google, Amazon and Facebook.
In 2008, the top three internet lobbying spenders spent over $26 million less than the the top three telecom equivalents. Though fourth quarter spending hasn’t been released yet, it’s not likely that gap will close.

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