Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Press declares War on Trump

New York Post 

As Donald Trump gets set to take office, the press corps has erupted in smugness — and prepared for war.

Start with the furor when Team Trump suggested moving daily press briefings from the White House to the Executive Office Building next door.

Requests to cover the new president are off the charts, and the old site has just 49 seats. But the press corps saw only conspiracy — the start, one scribe wrote, “of washing the press completely out of his fake hair.” Never mind, said Trump — warning they’ll “be begging for a much larger room pretty soon.

Other media types want to abolish the White House Correspondents Dinner, the annual gala at which reporters and celebs rub elbows and the president is the traditional guest of honor. How can they possibly honor . . . Trump?

Especially when they’ve declared war.

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