Friday, January 13, 2017

The Reaction From “Moderates” & SJWs Shows Trump Was Right to Declare War on Fake News Media


AT The Ralph Retort by Christi Junior  --

The big political story these past 24 hours has been President-elect Donald Trump’s press conference, in which he humiliated both BuzzFeed and CNN, describing the former as “a failing pile of garbage” and the latter as “fake news”. The reason for Trump unleashing his wrath on these two outlets was that they had the day before put out an explosive hit piece on him, one that at best was completely unverifiable and full of obvious errors, and at worst was a 4chan Hoax.
Trump supporters were generally ecstatic about the President-elect’s show of force, but SJW Leftists and even a few fake Centrists were not happy with him:


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