Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Trump Train Meets The Swamp…. Who.. Wha.. Wher… Whassat?…

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It’s hilarious to see the MSM (Mostly Swamp Media) and DC politicos heads’ spinning as they try to keep up with the Trump Train.  They say “impossible”, he says “great, let’s get started”… It’s a never ending stream of deliberate consciousness…  LOLOL. 

Whoops.The MSM is really bad at playing whack-a-mole.

By the time they’ve got their cameras and pundits briefed on their preferred outrage of the day ::poof:: someone drops an anvil on their head, Trump disappears and word comes out he’s reappeared with a new batch of  instructions and policy deliverables for them to be outraged about.

Look, over there… no, wait,… over there… here, huh.. wha? Has it really only been a week since it was “muh Russians”?…. sheesh.

Trump-time moves so fast, they don’t have time to roll out the traditional coordinated talking points. President Trump is one person, yet he has them surrounded.

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