Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump defied the polls, press and pundits to win White House


At NYPOST by Micheal Goodwin  -- 

Two images bookend the most remarkable political contest of modern times. In the first, Donald Trump rides an escalator down to the lobby of Trump Tower to announce his fanciful campaign for president. In the second, Election Night maps on television screens flash red as 30 states fall like dominoes into Trump’s column.

Just 17 months elapsed between those unforgettable moments, yet that span stands as an epoch unto itself in the history of America. We were eyewitnesses to a revolution, a rising up of people who felt shunned, betrayed and left behind. They called themselves “deplorables and irredeemables,” turning Hillary Clinton’s slurs into a rallying cry as they threw off the yoke of the old political order and trusted the nation to a true outsider.

Hallelujah for an American tonic and a necessary course correction.

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