Thursday, January 5, 2017

Trump Should Never Stop Tweeting

At Lifezette by Eddie Zipperer  -- 

2017 will be remembered as the year that slow news cycles, corporate unaccountability, and the mainstream media’s ability to undermine GOP administrations all received a kick in the teeth from President-Elect Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

As the inauguration draws near, liberals have jacked up their panic to max volume and ripped the knob off. Liberal pundits — while unconcerned about Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the U.N. — are certain that each Trump tweet is capable of inciting World War III, while simultaneously crashing the stock market and badly injuring puppies everywhere.

In February 2015, months before Donald Trump hit the political scene, I wrote in the Baltimore Sun that “Social media is a Super Bowl sized platform for free advertising. If a politician learns how to frack it, his or her message will echo through the loudest speaker ever created.” And Donald Trump harnessed it in a way that even I could never have imagined.

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