Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump: The US President the World Deserved Emerges

At by Phil Butler  --

President elect Donald Trump may end up being the genius president Americans envisioned for decades. While detractors and enemies attribute his election victory to everything from “deplorable” American voters to Russian President Vladimir Putin, recent moves by Trump hint at greatness.

Here’s my theory on the man who will be president.

Being Trump has never hurt Donald Trump, not in the long run. Look at the chauvinist side of the man during his run for the presidency and this will become more clear. The people who voted for him, men and women alike, are the silent majority sick unto death of extreme liberalism and the trend towards transgender. If it’s fair to claim Trump is sexist or homophobe even, then it’s equally fair to blame ultra-liberalism and special interests like the LGBT community for their own excesses. And in this light, Donald Trump’s locker room comments and seeming extremism was played brilliantly. 

Honesty, even in a flawed human being, is something to cling to these days. As for Donald Trump’s brilliance, it keeps on shining. My point is, Trump is All American, the billionaire flamboyant most normal people would end up being, and the president typical Americans can really identify with. Californians aside, we always admired the Trump stereotype.

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