Wednesday, January 25, 2017

We've started Twitter campaign urging Trump Administration to fulfill DACA promise

At Numbers USA by Roy Beck  --

We've been contacted the last 24 hours about whether Pres. Trump is breaking his very clear campaign promise that he would end Pres. Obama's executive temporary amnesty called DACA (for illegal aliens who arrived here as children).

There have indeed been several very troubling indications over the last two days that cause concern.
It is important to note, however, that nobody in the Administration has said that it will NOT act to end the unconstitutional issuance of work permits to hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers and visa overstayers whom the law says have no right to the documents.

For the moment, let's not rely on the confusion found in the media reports. Let's assume there is a good reason for the announced delay. But let's make sure that Pres. Trump and his staff are absolutely clear that we back them in ending DACA. And that we fully expect them to do so.

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