Friday, January 13, 2017

Why Are the Trump Allegations Hanging Around When They Haven’t Been Substantiated?

--  What is one to make of the apparent inability of press and government alike to verify the allegations in the Trump dossier combined with the cache of documents’ apparent staying power?

The unverified allegations against Donald Trump are not just salacious, they are specific. These are facts which should be verifiable as either true or false. Did a meeting take place between the people described, at the place and time described? Even if some specific details are wrong—as is often the case in HUMINT—are the essential allegations, or some of them anyway, accurate?

We now know that the FBI has been looking into the material in these documents for approximately seven months; a large number of reporters have been diligently working to verify leads for nearly as long. What does it mean that, currently and at the time of the briefings to the President and President-elect, no specific allegations have been verified?

On one hand, the fact that no specifics appear to have been validated should give everyone a lot of pause.

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