Friday, January 6, 2017

Why Britain’s leader is desperate to work with Trump

At NYPOST by Benny Avni  -- 

British Prime Minister Theresa May hopes to model her relationship with President-elect Donald Trump on the storied Anglo-partnerships of Churchill-Roosevelt and Maggie-Ronnie. Trump should return the love.

May wants — needs — a major ally after her countrymen voted last summer to exit the European Union (propelling her to Britain’s top job in the process). Now comes the hard part: arranging a smooth (or as smooth as possible) Brexit. Getting the American president on her side is a good way to do it.

May plans to set the terms of Britain’s divorce from Brussels by March. And the faster that date approaches, the louder and harsher her critics get.

This week the British ambassador to the EU, Ivan Rogers, resigned his post, firing off a missive criticizing the Brexiteers’ “ill-founded arguments.” He also said, ominously, that unlike EU bureaucrats, Britain’s trade reps lack “serious multilateral negotiating experience.”

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