Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ben Stein Slams CNN, on CNN: You are ‘Hoping to Do’ to Trump ‘What You Did to Nixon’

At Mediaite by Ken Meyer -- 

Economist and former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein says he doesn’t blame President Trump for bagging the White House Correspondents Dinner, as it wouldn’t have been much more than another confrontation where he fends off the media.

On the heels of numerous media outlets cancelling their plans for “Nerd Prom” weekend, Trump
 announced Saturday that he would not show up for the annual dinner shared by the president and the press. Stein said he understood why Trump didn’t want to go be a “punching bag” for the media again. Conversely, Brianna Keilar then asked him how he felt about Trump slamming the press and calling them “the enemy” in recent days.

Unamused, Stein began to scold CNN (and the media at large), stating that many people view the press as an “unelected aristocracy” of “snobs” determined to negatively cover the president at every turn.


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